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Completing your tax return online – free guidance

We are running a special project this year to help you complete your tax return ONLINE. If you are (or near) 60 and on low income (around £20,000), we have prepared step-by-step guidance to help you get into and find your way through the online tax return form on HMRC's website and can provide this to you as a written guide, an online guide or you can have guidance from an adviser as you work through the tax return at home if your situation is more complex.

Submitting your tax return online instead of on paper has several advantages, including:

  • Your bill is calculated for you automatically
  • Any refunds due can be paid to you more quickly
  • You only have to see the parts of the form that are relevant to you
  • You have longer to submit your return (paper forms are due 31 October, online are due 31 January)
  • You can go back in and amend/update your details after submission
  • You will know that HMRC has received your return straight away as you will be given a submission receipt reference number

Interested? Let us know!

We are offering this help as part of a project funded by the Money Advice Service so will ask you a few simple questions before and after you’ve completed your return to see if our support has helped. You can either answer these questions now by clicking HERE or by calling us on 01308 488066.

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