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How we are funded

Where our money comes from

Given that much of our work is focused on those who for one reason or another have either been let down by or who are unable to engage with HMRC, it is only fitting that a significant proportion of our funds is derived from that source.

However, it is equally important that we retain, and build on funding from a wide variety of other sources. This is key to our sustainability and to us maintaining our independence and is at the heart of our funding strategy.

Tax Help Older People Funding Sources

Sources of funding

How we spend our money

The detail of our finances can be found within our published . As with most charities, we aim to deliver our services in as cost-effective a manner as we can, being mindful when making decisions of the expectations of those who support and fund our work.

We have built up a service model that is both personal and client-centred whilst remaining economic to deliver. In no small part this is possible because of the pro bono input of our volunteer network in delivering our face-to-face advice. But we benefit too from low overheads gained by our rural location and ‘in kind’ back office support from colleagues in the Chartered Institute of Taxation.  This means that the majority of our outgoings are channelled directly into the staff associated with the delivery of our services.

Looking to the future, we believe one way in which we can maximise the benefits offered to our clients is to work in collaboration, partnership and alliances with other providers of advice and information. By squeezing best value from our combined resources we can each add value to the services we offer.