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Why have I received a tax return?

HMRC issue returns to people who have untaxed sources of income, for example, rental income, foreign pensions and self employment as it cannot be taxed at source. From April 2016, people who owe tax on their savings income or dividends may need to file a tax return if the tax due cannot be taken through their tax code.

If you are in doubt as to why a tax return has been issued to you, phone your tax office 0300 200 3300 or, if your household income is below £20,000, ring the Tax Help for Older People helpline on 01308 488066 or use the email link in contact us on this website.

HMRC changed the way they collect tax due on state pensions that are higher than the personal allowance (£11,500 2017/18 & £11,850 2018/19) where it is the only income. You should  be sent a tax calculation called a PA302, check the figures against your DWP notification of state pension and follow the instructions on how to pay. If you are concerned in any way, still in self assessment or you haven't heard from HMRC contact them or Tax Help for Older People for advice.

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