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October 2018 – How to avoid late filing penalties

By the time you read this, the deadline for filing your paper 2017/18 Tax Return (31st October 2018) will have passed. If you normally file on paper but for some reason have failed to do so, don’t panic - you can file online and avoid any late filing penalties.

Filing your tax return online means that you have until the 31st January 2019 to file your 2017/18 Tax Return without penalty. However, don’t leave it until the last minute as it takes at least 14 days to register for online services. Penalties start at £100, and will increase the longer you leave it - so don’t delay. The tax due for the 2017/18 tax year must be paid by 31st January 2019 whichever method of filing you use.

How do I file online?

You will need your Unique Tax Reference number (UTR); you should already have one of these if you have filed a tax return before. You will also need your National Insurance Number and/or your postcode. If this is your first time and you need a UTR, contact HMRC to register your ‘Need to file a Tax Return’. You can either complete form SA1 downloadable from www.gov.uk or call on 0300 200 3300. Once you have your UTR number you can register for online services.

Registering for online services – Visit www.gov.uk, click Money & Tax, scroll down on the right hand side of the screen until you see ‘Self-Assessment’, and click on this. Scroll down again until you see ‘Register for and file Your Self- Assessment Tax Return’, click on this and scroll down until you find 'Sign in to File your Tax Return’ and click on the green link ‘Sign In’ and follow the prompts. You will be given a User ID number and you will create a password - keep these safe. Once this stage has been completed you will be sent an activation code; follow the instructions in the accompanying letter to register the code and finally you are ready to sign in and file your Tax Return.

Tax Help is running a project to help more people file their Tax Return online. You can register for this help by calling us on 01308 488066 and we will ask you a few simple questions before and after you’ve completed your return to see if our support has helped. There is more information about the project on our website: http://www.taxvol.org.uk/online-tax-return. For those who would like help to set up their Personal Tax Account go to: http://www.taxvol.org.uk/personal-tax-account

I don’t have access to the internet - what can I do?

If you don’t have access to the internet and can’t register online you can either:

  • contact HMRC, say that you can’t file online, and ask for assistance to file.
  • file your paper Tax Return as soon as possible, which will keep any late filing penalties to a minimum.
  • contact the Chartered Institute of Taxation on 0207 3400550, or the Association of Taxation
  • Technicians on 0207 3400551, to find a local qualified tax adviser who can file online.
  • if your income is low, contact Tax Help for Older People – details at the bottom of this article.

Do I have the right to appeal a penalty?

If you end up with a penalty but feel you have a valid reason for not filing your Tax Return on time you can appeal against the penalties issued to you, although you must file your Tax Return first. Reasonable excuses may include loss of a close relative or partner; loss of your tax records through theft, fire or flood and you couldn’t replace them in time; or perhaps a medical reason like being in hospital leading up to the deadline. Not receiving a paper Tax Return would not be seen as a reasonable excuse.

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